Massage Therapy Schools in Philadelphia, PA

If you’re looking for a massage therapy school in Philadelphia, then you’re in the right place. I’ve had a chance to look at most of the schools in the Philadelphia area, as well as receive feedback from students, and this is the list I came up with.

It current only has 4 schools, just because I don’t want to send you to any that I wouldn’t recommend, but I plan to expand it as I receive more & more feedback. Only one below is listed in Philadelphia (NMTI); the others are a little bit outside of Philly, but not too far.

As I’ve stated before my website, I highly suggest you get information from each, just because a lot of massage therapy schools won’t release a lot of information unless they’re in direct contact with the student.

National Massage Therapy InstituteNational Massage Therapy Institute has a campus in Philadelphia, PA. After graduation, students will be fully prepared to enter the job market as a massage therapist. The NMTI strongly believes in providing students the knowledge and confidence to excel in the field of health care. The institute serves its students with a curriculum of fundamental skills and the support necessary to graduate and enter the job market.

Along with flexible schedule options, NMTI has massage therapy programs that will prepare the student to take the National Certification Examination in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. NMTI has a new associate degree program that has a concentration in massage therapy for students that want to learn business applications as well as massage therapy.

Cortiva Massage InstituteThe Cortiva Institute massage school has many locations including King of Prussia, PA, which is only about a 30 minute drive northwest of Philadelphia up I-76. The institute believes in a few core values that they strive to maintain and incorporate into each classroom setting. They have a profound respect for the body’s healing process with a base in scientific grounding. They want to inspire massage therapists who believe in these values with passion.

Along with financial aid programs to qualifying students, the institute has a fully-functioning job board that will help a graduating student find their perfect position. Students can choose between a part-time, ten month program or a full program that will allow them to graduate in six months.

Academy of Massage Therapy and BodyworksThe Academy of Massage Therapy and Bodyworks is located in Pottstown, PA, which is about a 45 minute also northwest of Philadelphia up I-76. This school is licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed schools. The founders believe in the healing power of massage and touch therapy and bodywork. They created the school to instill those beliefs in students and bring the students into fields of study that help promote humanity’s well-being.

After the 600 hour course, the student will be properly prepared to take the National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworks. This will allow students to become a nationally certified therapist. Courses include anatomy and physiology along with CPR and First Aid courses for all students.

Health Options InstituteHealth Options Institute is located in the beautiful Bethlehem, PA area, which is an hour north of Philadelphia. This massage school believes in a spiritual approach and a holistic approach with the power of touch. The Health Options Institute strives to provide a learning environment full of integrity and brings a professional approach to their students. The institute helps the student become employed in a field of work that brings them in touch with their spiritual side and to a connection with other people.

This school was the first massage school to be licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools to provide students with massage training. With 656 hours of training in Massage Therapy, the student will be well qualified to provide massage therapy to a variety of people.

Did I miss a school that should’ve been included? Leave a comment below and I’ll take a look!

This article was written by Stephen Barret. Stephen graduated in 2010 from the Pennsylvania Institute of Massage Therapy and shortly after opened up his own practice. If you’d like to find out more, go to our about page or you can get in touch on our contact page.

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